Public Relations Workflow

Here's how Acme Agency, a successful Berlin-based agent, used Ordergofer to manage clients global wholesale PR.

Alyna Jones - owner of Acme Agency - had multiple brands using Ordergofer to help organise wholesale ordering. She was then able to leverage her clients Ordergofer accounts to provide a single location for each brands complete public relations information.

As a bit of background, Acme Agency has five PR teams in Berlin, London, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and Japan. Public relations activities for clients included targeting press and influencers, organising product samples and editorial reporting.

Acme Agency's initial setup in Ordergofer...

One of Acme Agency's brands called ANY-BRAND added Tiffany Muller ([email protected]) from Acme Agency as a sales agent for the United States to their account.

The team then reviewed Any-Brands' existing press and influencer targets to see who had requested samples and who had provided editorial exposure.

Any-Brand had a number of press targets that hadn't requested samples: they were showing and influencer targets were showing . Press and Influencer targets who had requested samples showed and

Press and influencer sample requests that had converted to editorial showed and

Tiffany added further comments to individual customers relationship records, keeping both her Acme colleagues and Any-Brand's team in the loop. Notifications that a new comment had been added were automatically emailed to Tiffany's colleagues and Any-Brand's team.

Tiffany added the target press target 'Furniture in House Magazine' as a 'New Relationship' lead to manage and assist with the public relations process with this potential editorial source.

During the following weeks, Acme Agency was able to add any comments listing author with date/time and update the PR press status for Furniture In House as they progressed through the PR process; keeping both Acme Agency and Any-Brand employees in the loop.

Other press and influencer targets were updated as well, making it easier to differentiate public relationship status at any point.

Press and influencer editorial was uploaded to individual press and influencer accounts allowing easy review and organisation.

Both Acme Agency and Any-Brand were able to easily download editorial for use on other channels.

As required, the 'All Customers - Excel' report was exported from 'Order Central - Relationships - Relationship Management' showing a summary of press and influencer account status along with the last comments posted per account for easy reference and review.

In conclusion

Thanks to Ordergofer, Acme Agency was able to drive global growth by effectively and efficiently managing all aspects of their wholesale public relations functions, better targeting of press and influencers, and managing samples and editorial - even to the extent of knowing what locations in the world they were targeting press and influencers, receiving sample requests and generating editorial via the map function. There was even the ability to drill down to street level! Acme Agency used a simply public relations checklist to save time and easily prompt employees to remember the workflow. Public Relations Workflow Checklist - Download

Acme Agency also manage wholesale sales; view the following tour to check out Acme Agency's wholesale sales activities using Ordergofer.