Sales Agent Workflow

Here's how Acme Agency, a successful Berlin-based agent, used Ordergofer to manage global wholesale sales for clients.

Alyna Jones - owner of Acme Agency - had multiple clients brands using Ordergofer to help organise wholesale ordering. She was then able to leverage her clients' Ordergofer accounts to provide a single location for each brand, complete with customer wholesale information including PR.

As a bit of background, Acme Agency has five sales showrooms in Berlin, London, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and Japan. Part of their role is managing sales budgets and customer account information (new and existing); taking orders in showrooms and at trade shows; and public relations activities for clients, targeting press and influencers. They are also responsible for samples and editorial reporting.

Acme Agency's initial setup in Ordergofer...

One of Acme Agency's brands called ANY-BRAND added Tiffany Muller ([email protected]) from Acme Agency as a sales agent for the United States to their account.

Tiffany then reviewed Any-Brand's existing accounts for the territories she was responsible for (other sales agent territories weren't visible).

Any-Brand had enabled access requests, so only approved customers could view active selling periods.

Tiffany continually reviewed any access requests with status Waiting approval - choosing to approve or reject. Notification results would then be emailed automatically to customers.

Approved customers would show a status Active - NO until they placed an order. Rejected customers would show a status of Disabled

After placing an order, customers would then show a status of Active

Tiffany added further comments to individual customers relationship records, keeping both her Acme colleagues and Any-Brand's team in the loop. Notifications that a new comment had been added were automatically emailed to Tiffany's colleagues and Any-Brand's team.

Tiffany's next step was to add budgets for existing accounts. This provided several benefits to both Tiffany and Any-Brand including:

  • Improved planning
  • Better communication and coordination
  • Performance evaluation
  • Psychological benefits through setting goals
  • Avoiding uncontrolled expenditure

Tiffany added the target company 'Modern Department Store' as a 'New Relationship' lead to manage and assist with the sales process with this potential customer.

Selling period is open and sales activities are in full swing...

During the sales process Tiffany was able to add comments and updated the sales status in the Modern Department Store's Relationship record as they progressed through the sales process.

Due Tiffany's efforts, Sally from Modern Department Store requested details to sign up for Any-Brands' Ordergofer account. Tiffany simply went to Modern Department Store's Relationships record and clicked on

An email notification of Any-Brands' secure site details was sent to Sally's Modern Department Store email address.

Sally simply clicked the link and added their business details to the signup form at

After receiving Sally's signup access request, Tiffany was then able to approve Modern Department Store's access to Any-Brands' subscription.

With access approved, Modern Department Store's Sally Green successfully logged into Any-Brands' secure site to view the Spring New Collection 2014.

Sally decided to submit an order for the Spring New Collection 2014.

Once Sally submitted her order, Tiffany from Acme Agency received a notification email confirming the order was submitted. Tiffany was able to view this and other orders as they were submitted.

As local representatives of Any-Brand, timely market feedback in the mid-selling period from Tiffany and Acme Agency was crucial in planning future products. Tiffany selected 'Selling Period - Products' and was able to post a comment per product.

Comments were visible on the right of each product for both Tiffany and Any-Brand.

Selling period trade shows were being held as well...

Running trade shows on Any-Brands' behalf was an import part of Tiffany's sales process. Trade show leads were easily updated, making it easier to differentiate customer origin and status at any point of the sales process.

Tiffany was able to report back by adding the relevant trade show details, trade show comments and associated images to the account. Importantly, Tiffany could provide key metrics, such as how many new customers placed orders, thereby helping to identify the ROI (return on investment) that brands gained by investing in trade shows.

Selling period continues and customers need assistance with their orders...

For new and existing customers, Tiffany also had the option to create orders on behalf of their agent by going to 'Order Central - Place Order' and selecting the relevant Any-Brands active selling periods.

Once the selling period was selected, Tiffany added Randy's customer billing and address details and the item quantities. Tiffany then attached any purchase order, added notes, checked off the details and ticked the checkboxes, then saved the order as a draft or submitted it.

Randy then received a welcome notification email telling him Tiffany had created an order. Included was Any-Brands subscription details with secure site address, user email and password for access to his account.

An additional notification email was sent to Randy with his saved draft order attached. A link was included in the email to view the order in the Randy's account.

Sam an existing customer was in the showroom with Tiffany and logged in using his account details.

Sam's customer billing and delivery details appeared and, after checking these details for accuracy, Tiffany assisted with creating the optimal order.

Tiffany also edited draft customer orders and proposed additions with comments on individual products. These comments were reviewed by customers before finally submitting their order. For example, after adding the red skull t-shirt to another customer called Sam's order. Tiffany was able to comment on the reason for adding it, then save the comment so the customer could view it.

Sam could quickly see if there were any comments for review and simply click on the grey Comments (1) box on the right of the relevant product that appeared after the comment was saved by the agent.

Viewing the comment, Sam could decide if they agreed and simply submit the updated order, or edit and remove the product added by Tiffany.

Selling period closed. Final wrap up...

Tiffany accessed 'Order Central - Relationships - Relationship Management Sales - Budgeted' report for all customers which provided access to long term trend information for customers as it listed sales and budgeted results for all selling periods per customer. New customers who had ordered without budgets would view the sales order values and see 'nil' against the budget values.

Tiffany's sales data generated from Ordergofer provided key market information to Any-Brand. The addition of final comments on the collection, per style or product, allowed Any-Brand to leverage Tiffany's direct wholesale customers' feedback.

Finally Tiffany exported the "All Customers - Excel" report, which showed a summary of sales to budget results, customer statuses and the last comments posted, per customer.

In conclusion

Thanks to Ordergofer, Acme Agency and its sales representatives like Tiffany were able to drive global growth by effectively and efficiently managing all aspects of their wholesale sales functions and allowing better targeting of existing and new customers. This was all thanks to the great sales information available to them, even to the extent of knowing what locations in the world they were selling to (via the map function) with the ability to drill down to street level!

Tiffany used a simple sales agent checklist to save time and easily prompt herself to remember the workflow. Download it for yourself. Sales Agent Workflow Checklist - Download

Acme Agency also manages public relations. View the following tour to check out Acme Agency's public relations activities using Ordergofer.