Tour - Indent Ordering

Here's how Tutu Du Monde, a successful Sydney-based childrenswear brand, used Ordergofer to manage their global indent wholesale sales.

Andrea Rembeck - owner of Tutu Du Monde - chose Ordergofer to help organise wholesale ordering,develop sales collateral, cancel non-performing products (while automatically sending updated order confirmations to customers), generate purchase orders and create invoices.

As a bit of background, Tutu Du Monde has five sales agents across Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and the Middle East. Over this three-month indent selling period in this case study, Tutu Du Monde participated in one trade show, held six showrooms and made direct sales resulting in 400 wholesale orders, from 20 different countries.

Tutu Du Monde's initial set-up in Ordergofer...

Andrea's team SET UP the PRODUCT CATALOGUE which included categories, suppliers and products. Andrea's retailers preferred to know the landed price ($Wholesale + Government and Customs Duties = Landed Cost) so the LC% was added to each product per country.


They then ADDED the REQUIRED CURRENCIES. Being based in Australia Tutu Du Monde sells locally in Australian dollars and to the rest of the world in US dollars.

PAYMENT INFORMATION was ADDED for credit card or bank wire payment of INDENT ORDER DEPOSITS. Prior to using Ordergofer Tutu Du Monde had to manually create deposit invoices and chase payments. Now with Ordergofer deposits were automatically taken when the order was submitted.

SHIPPING COST PER COUNTRY and STATE were ADDED meaning customers new the full cost of their orders prior to submitting and Tutu Du Monde didn't need to spend time editing invoices to add shipping prior to order dispatch.

Next IMAGES were LOADED for the BROCHURE (the 'lookbook', in fashion terms) before launching the selling period.


Within days, orders had been submitted, WITHOUT the CUSTOMERS NEEDING to CONTACT SALES AGENTS or SPEAK WITH TUTU DU MONDE staff.

The customers' Ordergofer experience

When logging in via the UNIQUE TUTU DU MONDE LANDING PAGE and link customers could view the active selling period. Importantly ONLY APPROVED CUSTOMERS could see Tutu Du Monde order form protecting the designs from unwanted viewing.

The VISUALLY ENGAGING ORDER FORM brochure (lookbook) allowed customers to step into the ethereal world of Tutu Du Monde, a world of wonder and whimsy, which encouraged engagement and take-up on the customers' part. All the ORDERING INFORMATION on ONE PAGE, and, in addition, there was the option to click the product images to see the expanded picture view.

LINE SHEET DOWNLOAD provided customers with a hard copy of the collection for easy referencing during ordering. Some customers chose to save their draft orders, editing them before submitting.

Tutu Du Monde also had the option to enable the order form 'SIGNATURE' BOX, useable via desktop mouse or finger on mobile devices.

Finally, AFTER SUBMITTING their order, customers received an EMAIL NOTIFICATION with their ORDER attached, which allowed them to download them on demand from their account order page.

Fast forward a few months…

Orders have been coming thick and fast!

Additional AUTOMATIC customer email NOTIFICATIONS have been sent out - REMINDING those customers who have not yet ordered that they must SUBMIT their ORDER within a certain period before the selling period is due to close.

Sales agents were also able to take on-the-spot trade show orders using their internet-enabled tablets, saving them - and the customers - time.

Tutu Du Monde staff was able to review sales by product on demand, and Andrea was able to remain connected and check SALES RESULTS on her MOBILE PHONE (while enjoying some well-deserved fun in the sun!)

Once the selling period was over, Tutu Du Monde completed a REVIEW of PRODUCT UNIT SALES by colour and size.

PRODUCTS that didn't make the cut were CANCELLED. Ordergofer AUTOMATICALLY UPDATED updated customer order values, purchase order values and invoices values, and ensured order information was accurate.

Customers and sales agents also received an email with the REVISED ORDER, showing the CANCELLED product (s) keeping everyone in the loop.

Selling period product suppliers-generated PURCHASE ORDER.

Tutu Du Monde uses Xero for accounting, so staff can simply click EXPORT in Ordergofer, and all invoices are automatically generated for EASY IMPORT INTO XERO. Indent selling period closed, stock delivered and invoices paid - ready for next time!

Thanks to Ordergofer, Tutu Du Monde was able to DRIVE GLOBAL GROWTH by effectively and efficiently managing all aspects of their wholesale functions, and refining their product offering thanks to the greater sales information available to them - even to the extent of KNOWING what LOCATIONS IN THE WORLD they were selling to (via the map function) with the ability to drill down to street level!

In the case of Tutu Du Monde, they also have WHOLESALE STOCK SALES; view the following tour to check out Tutu Du Monde's stock sales activities using Ordergofer.