Wholesale order app from Ordergofer is everyone's favourite.

Wholesale Order Application or Wholesale Order App for short what does it actually mean? Most of us have used the common word processing applications or email clients on our local computers for a couple of decades now. As with most applications that run locally we have experienced good and bad times particular with the dreaded updates that need to be kept current or funny things happen. [Read more about Application software.]

With the advent of mobile Internet connected devices and their closed marked places such as the App Store by Apple who’s apps only run on Apple mobile devices including the game changing IPAD and IPHONE and Goggles Android Google Play market place which offer all manner of business applications. We have recreated the dependence on needing to update our device to stay current. [Read more about App store.]

But wait why in 2015 do we want to continually worry about running the most current version and things breaking?

We don’t that is why contrary to most marketing information the real value is in apps that aren’t available via some closed market place and need updating. This is where true SAAS applications that can run on any device and simple present the same cloud-based application across whatever device you wish to use it on.

Responsive web application designed services will simple format themselves according to your screen size. This means that the application provider manages all updates and upgrades. Meaning you the customer will never need to download or install updates or patches. [Read more about Software as a service.]

Have you forgotten the number of times a locally installed application starts behaving strangely after an update? If companies as large as Apple can get it wrong then why would you expect the average App Store or Google Play app company to do any better?

Remove the dependence on locally installed software and stick with simple cloud-based applications that you know will work if you are connected to the Internet.

Really when are we not connected to the Internet these day’s?